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Cell Phone Displays Series

Cell Phone Anti Theft Display Tray Alarm Secure Rack Stand

Cell Phone Security Alarm System Creative Display Rack Stand for iphone,Mobiles


Cell Phone Anti Theft  Display Tray Alarm Secure Rack Stand





It is the most innovative security alarm display system.
1.Prevent your displaying electronics from stealing

2. It's convenience for the customers to see mobile phone,camera,laptop,MP4 in the exclusive shops, etc.

3.With the connection of the electronics to the display shelf, security display holder can
realized immediately while removed.

4.Charging and anti-theft alarm for mobile phone.





1. Professional security systems:

1)built-in alarm.

2)sensitive alarm sensors, swift reaction when stealing happens.

3)high alarm sound

4)remote control 

5)high viscous the double-face adhesive tape, paste firm and not easy to be removed.




2. Alarm will be activated when any of the state below happens:
1) Circuit break resistance 
2) Short circuit resistance 
3) Other circuit-replacing resistance 
4) Prying and cutting resistance 
5) Remove the sensor 
6) Cut the spring wire 
7) Put out the connector 
8) Put out power connector 
9) When remove or pry the stand on the bottom 




3. Aluminum magnesium alloy shell and powder coating finishing technology

   The advantages for the aluminum magnesium alloy:

1)difficult aging.

2) steady, not easy deformation.

3)high hardness



3-MORE for global retailers

MORE secure, MORE sales, MORE profitability.