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Tablet Security Series

Anti-Theft Cable Lock Bracket for Tablet High Security Display Stands Wire Locking Counter Mount


Anti-theft bracket for tablet high security Display stands wire Locking Counter mount



To be designed to put all of the customer’s focus on the merchandise.

To provide the powerfully high security necessary to create dynamic merchandise displays.



Product Model: KM-TD06


Easy operation, POWERFULLY secure displays with anti-grab function for tablet PC

 material for display bracket: SECC

2. material for lock bar: steel

3. material for wire cable: SUS304

4. color: see the picture

5. size of the display bracket (not including the bar): 110*65*135mm

6. alternative lock bar for different tablets (two types):

    Type 1: bar A (length: from 18cm to 22cm, mainly fit for 7"-8" tab,

    Type 2: bar B (length: from 20cm to 33cm, mainly fit for 8"-12" tab.

7. operation tool: key