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Fast 5Gbps speeds and ultra-low latency obtained by Nokia and U.S. Cellular in 5G tests

phonearena.com Alan F. 2016-10-16 09:10:03 

Using its Air Scale radio platform, Nokia joined with U.S. Cellular to test their 5G" target="_blank">5G wireless capabilities. Testing on the 28GHz band on U.S. Cellular property, the pair were able to obtain speeds as fast as 5G" target="_blank">5Gbps, with latency less than 2 milli-seconds. The simultaneous streaming of 6 UHD videos in 4K was conducted in order to see how the 5G" target="_blank">5G network fared.

The testing took place inside and outside using a base station and "user equipment." At first, this was done with a clear line of sight between the two. Obstacles like dry wall, windows and metal panels were introduced in between the line of sight in order to test real-life situations. Additionally, the base station and the user equipment were also moved behind trees and plants. The indoor testing took place in a lab owned by U.S. Cellular.

"We're excited with this successful 5G" target="_blank">5G testing with Nokia conducted at 28GHz and have seen very promising results, including 5G" target="_blank">5Gbps speed, ultra-low latency under 2 ms and multiple 4k video streams. We strive to provide our customers in the mid-sized and rural markets we serve with the latest technology that can enhance their lives or businesses. And we will continue to deliver a fast, high-quality network that works whenever and wherever our customers need it."-Michael S. Irizarry, executive vice president and chief technology officer, U.S. Cellular

"Nokia continues to accelerate its efforts to develop and test 5G" target="_blank">5G in North America, and we're pleased to expand our relationship with U.S. Cellular with this newest 5G" target="_blank">5G collaboration. Our tests show how 5G" target="_blank">5G technology not only will enhance U.S. Cellular's ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the needs of their data-hungry customers and businesses, but also create opportunities for new services requiring high bandwidth and low latency."-Ricky Corker, executive vice president, head of North America, Nokia

U.S. Cellular has also said that it plans to conduct 5G" target="_blank">5G tests in the 15G" target="_blank">5GHz band with Ericsson. The latter sent in an application with the FCC to conduct these tests with U.S. Cellular next month.

Posted: 13 Oct 2016, 14:56, by Alan F.     phonearena
source: Nokia