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Mobile Security Resolutions for the New Year

2014-01-11 23:05:57 

Whether it’s a get-fit regime, a pledge to read more books or a commitment to spend less time on Facebook, many of us are starting to think about New Year’s resolutions.

The trouble is, resolutions can be hard to stick to. Some of us set unrealistic targets, while others fail to have a structured plan in place to achieve our goal.

Here are some resolutions you can easily keep, and you will be glad you did! Our 5-point checklist to help you make essential improvements to your mobile security in 2014:

  1. Set up a secure device-lock passcode: Setting up a lock screen password is both the simplest and most effective mobile security precaution available to you. Once activated, anyone who gets hold of your device is prevented from accessing your personal, social or other account data. Any lock is better than none, but you aren’t limited to standard four-digit passcodes – longer alternatives are available. It’s also worth considering reducing the amount of time it takes for a lock screen to activate.
  2. Install mobile security software: Tried-and-tested anti-malware software for smartphones and tablets does more than simply protect your device from digital threats. Norton Mobile Security, for example, includes a range of tools to help recover a missing device.
  3. Back up mobile files: A regular backups of contacts, media and documents is good practice on any computer, but it’s even more important on smartphones and tablets, which are much more liable to get stolen or lost. Investigate your options for implementing a regular backup plan. The backup feature in Norton Mobile Security can be your friend here too.
  4. Write down your IMEI: An International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEU) is a 15-digit number that identifies your phone. This unique number provides police and law-enforcement agencies with a way to identify your smartphone among any others that may be recovered from any loss or theft.  You can usually find it beneath the battery or alongside a SIM card slot.
  5. Make sure tracking is set up:  You don’t need to have had your smartphone or tablet stolen for tracking software to come into its own. Your precious device may simply be lost between the cushions of the sofa – if so, tracking tools can help put your mind at rest. Make sure tracking, also a standard feature on software such as Norton Mobile Security, is set up on your mobile device.