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For iPhone, Android a good start to the year

Apple Don Reisinger 2014-03-09 21:15:58 

Apple and Google are tops in the mobile space, according to new data from research firm ComScore.

Apple was the No. 1 smartphone manufacturer, with its iPhones capturing 41.6 of the US market during the three months ended January 2014, said ComScore. That figure is an average of the three months and bests the 40.6 percent average Apple posted in October 2013. Samsung came in the second spot with 26.7 percent share, while LG came in third with 6.9 percent.

Despite its popularity, Apple couldn't catch Google on the operating system side, ComScore's data showed. Android led the market with 51.7 percent share of US smartphone platforms during the period, beating out iOS which had 41.6 percent. Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS followed the leaders with 3.2 percent and 3.1 percent share, respectively.

That Android and the iPhone are both popular is perhaps no surprise to the average mobile user. However, it's worth noting that while Apple saw its manufacturer market share jump one percentage point over the three-month period, Samsung's market share jumped 1.3 percentage points. Another interesting note: Android's US market share was down .5 percentage points.

In addition to examining popular hardware and operating systems, ComScore reported on the top destinations for mobile browsers. Google's sites were visited by nearly 90 percent of US mobile users, followed by Facebook at 87 percent. Yahoo and Amazon came up next with 86.2 percent and 69 percent visitation share, respectively.

One last interesting tidbit: Facebook was most popular mobile app in the US last quarter, employed by 78 percent of users.