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SmartCircle reports, Samsung is the most popular brand in retail stores

2014-06-19 12:03:26 


What is the most popular Smartphone or Tablet brand today? It is important to first determine how to gauge popularity, maybe through units sold, what a friend swears by or data indicating how consumers can’t keep their hands off these hot, high tech devices.

RTF believes product popularity revolves around tactile senses such as touch and the time lingering with the smart device in a retail store.

So based on merchandised Smartphones from such manufacturers as AppleSamsungLGHTC and Sony who is winning the hearts and hands of consumers? SmartCircle reports the winner is Samsung and by a landslide!

How does RTF gauge the results or arrive at this conclusion of popular handset devices by brand? The answer is simple, through the innovation of SmartCircle, the first cross platform device management system that gathers customers metrics organically, harnessing the innate intelligence within Smartphones and Tablets.

The following SmartCircle Metrics dashboard is indicative of a typical store’s activity during the week. When customers enter wireless retailers they are either drawn to Smartphones playing media on the device, nearby media screens or consumers have visited the retail shop to experience the latest Smartphone technology. All the data collected over the course of the week is real and gathered by onboard sensors within Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony Smartphones.

Quickly review Interaction, Uptime, Charging Data and Session per Brand

Quickly review Interaction, Uptime, Charging Data and Sessions per Brand

Most of RTF’s hardware competition collect only lift data, or the amount of lifts of a particular Smartphone such as Apple, Samsung or LG. This is done by mechanical sensors connected to a series of expensive electronic components gathering customer interaction through a sub system. RTF’s software device management system, SmartCircle unlocks the power of each Smartphone and Tablet collecting customer lifts, touches and interaction through the onboard sensors within the device.

Why is using the Smartphone’s intelligence a better method of customer metrics collection? First it is so simple, cost effective and doesn’t need excess cords, cables and external sensors to operate. Second, and most importantly it is deadly accurate. When the device is assigned to the SmartCircle network, the device manufacturer’s ID is logged and all data collected is guaranteed. With other architec systems wrongly positioning an Apple where a Samsung resides occurs daily and the data collected is useless and potentially harmful.

By far, based on results from a Canadian retailer, Samsung is the king of mobile devices leaving other Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, LG, HTC and Sony in the dust.